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Our story began with Late. Sri. Satyanarayana lyer, discovering his love for cooking while helping his father, Late. Sri. Vaman lyer, in his restaurant in Bannur. Which inspired him to join the business after his education. He spent the next few years learning the art of cooking, after which he moved to Mysuru to start his own catering business in 1949, Beginning a new era in his life as well as in the catering industry.

As an established caterer in Mysuru, Late. Sri. Satyanarayana lyer has had the opportunity to serve the royal family on several occasions. As a true Palakkad lyer, he was known for his delicious Kerala style food.
Along with his team, he was accredited for catering for more than 2.5 lakh people at a single event in several temples. He has also catered for more than 8000 weddings, including mass weddings and other events.

At the age of 87, he decided to open the manufacturing unit to produce delectable Indian traditional sweets that would be available across the world. He marked the date 3rd April 2016 to open the production line, but unfortunately, he breathed his last before that. So, to fulfill his desire and his vision to promote Indian sweets across the globe, we, as a family, came together to open the production line and our first outlet of Shree Vaishnavi Sweets and Snacks, begin

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Shree Vaishnavi Sweets!


We have curated a wide range of delectable sweets, that are a combination of popular favourites as well as our own specialities. We have had the privilege to be a part of countless celebrations and occasions through our sweets and will continue to do so.

Seasonal Gifting

We have been a part of many anniversary, festival and many other celebrations at several organizations. We've been pleased to have been part of their corporate family. Festivals and Special occasions: Ayudh pooje, Deepavali and other such occasions are our busiest times and we serve upto 2.5k customers in a single day.


We offer a range of bakery products including daily use items like bread as well as cookies and cakes. Our baked items have become a household item in homes across Mysore, and our cakes have lit up many special occasions along the way.


We introduced a mouthwatering selection of chaats at our outlets so we can offer tasty, affordable chaats that are hygienic too. Vaishnavi has been a hub for hangouts, tasty treats and many memories. Live mysore pak & jilebi stations were also a crowd favourite. There aren't many things that can beat the taste of hot, fresh mysore pak, made right in front of you.

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